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Zeltiq/Cryo Fat Freeze Slimming Machine

Zeltiq/Cryo Fat Freeze Slimming Machine
Product name:Zeltiq/Cryo Fat Freeze Slimming Machine


Cryo cool-sculpturing technology refers to the treatment gradually reducing the subcutaneous fat. As triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperatures. It uses advanced cooling technology toselectively target fat bulges and eliminate at cells through a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues,reduce unwanted fat,When fat cells are exposed to precise cooling,they trigger a process of natural removal that gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer.And The fat cells in the treated area are gently eliminated through the body's normal metabolism process,to eliminate unwanted fat.

Technical Background:
Under the condition of low temperature, triglycerides (fat) will be transformed into solid. The machine uses advanced freezing technology, which targets at fat bulge selectively and eliminates fat cells through a gradual process. It has no harm to the surrounding tissue, but only reduces the excess fat. After fat cells are killed, they are gradually eliminated from the body due to normal metabolism; the thickness of fat layer will be reduced gradually, so as to achieve the removal of excess fat.


1. Body shaping,fat dissolving,repel the cellulite.
2. Lymphatic drainage,promoting metabolism&blood circulation.
3. Decrease the excessive water and prevent the fat from accumulation.
4. Tightening skin,strengthen skin elasticity,face lift
5. Adds skin moisture and then keep the skin moist and shiny.
6. Clear belly wrinkles,especially the stretch marks.
7. Complementing the collagen,skin rejuvenation.
8. Eyes beauty and removal wrinkles around the eyes. 
9. Face beauty and skin care.etc.

Operation Video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/uXibSiW7agU


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